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How Does It Work?

✔ Every Wednesday at 1pm EST, you'll get a text with a link to my Money Quiz.

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Here's What Some Subscribers Have To Say About The Game!

"The quiz is so fun and challenging! I didn't get 3/3 this time around but I'll be back!"

- Jake 

"I signed up! Bring on the quiz 👀👀👀"

- Michael 

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- Sarah 

"I got 3/3! Bring on the tough quiz questions! 💪 💪 "

- Jose 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it free?

Yes absolutely! I want to give back by making mastering money as fun as possible.

Do I need to give my email?

Yes, we announce the winner via email so if you don't enter your email and check it weekly you might never find out that you won!

Do I need to give my phone number?

The quiz is only open for a short time every Wednesday, i'll send you a text message to make sure you don't miss it and have the greatest chance to win!

Is the quiz available for anyone around the world? 

Yes, the quiz is made for everyone! Any age and any location. If you are having any issues with the quiz, please email me at daniel@danieliles.com and I will make sure you can play.

Can I have the money? 

I get this a lot 😂 First, you need to get 3/3 and second you need a bit of luck in the draw. I'll announce the winner on Friday via email.

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