The Secret Success Formula Part 1

Getting to financial freedom is not a rocket science formula. It’s actually pretty simple. You need to earn money, spend less than you earn, and then invest whatever is left. And the more money you save to invest, the faster you’ll reach your goals.

But now that we know that, it is much easier said than done. In order to be able to save and invest, you need to earn enough money.

So what should you be focusing on? 

Your main focus should be to increase your value in the workplace. Different jobs are paid different salaries because the value they bring into the workplace is different. 

We are willing to pay more for certain goods because they have a higher value. So your goal should be to become that higher value good.

The problem with most people is they will study very hard until they finish school at around 22-23 years old and then they’ll stop learning for the rest of their lives. You’ve probably heard many times the notion of ‘’investing in yourself’’. Investing in yourself simply means constantly learning and acquiring new skills. That is how you increase your value in the workplace.

Learning new things is done by attending classes, seminars, reading books, etc. 

Communication skills like public speaking and writing are some of the highest valued skills. Leadership, organizational, interpersonal and teamwork skills are other examples too. 

Previous generations could specialize in one particular field and hold the same position for 35-40 years. But these times are over. If you want an edge in the workplace nowadays, you need to be versatile. 

Be a learner. Be curious. Strive to improve. 

Make yourself essential in the workplace by increasing your personal value. That is how you’ll be able to earn more money and thus be able to save and invest more.