How Do Millionaires Get So Rich?

Billionaire Andrew Carnegie famously said that 90% of millionaires got their wealth by investing in real estate.


What makes real real estate so special?


Real estate is special because of the principle of leverage. Using credit, anyone can take a few thousand dollars and invest in MILLIONS of dollars of real estate. This allows one to quickly scale their net worth faster than any other legal investment possible.


I mentioned in my last blog that there are a lot of things you need to learn about money. One of those things is CREDIT. 

Millionaires are MASTERS of credit. 


They use it to invest, to grow their wealth or simply to save money in opportunity cost.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you read the word credit?


Probably credit cards and your monthly statement, right? But there is so much more to credit.


Credit is something you can leverage to build massive wealth starting with practically nothing. 

Yes, credit is debt. But there is a difference between bad debt and good debt. Bad debt is loading your credit card with fancy clothes, restaurant bills, video games, etc. An example of an good debt is buying rental property that puts money in your pocket.


Good debt is using your credit to buy assets.

Good debt increases your net worth.

Good debt is the fastest way to build massive wealth.

Rich Dad Poor Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki defines an asset as "something that puts money in your pocket" and a liability as "something that takes money out of your pocket."


Next time you put something on your credit card, ask yourself: "is this good debt or bad debt?’’

If you are able to learn about credit and master it early on, you will be able to acquire massive wealth using credit to your advantage.

At 23 years old, with a small down payment of 24,000$, I was able to buy more than 1 million dollars of real estate, all in less than one year. These assets paid me more than my 9-5 job and still pay me passive income every month. I’d love to teach you how you can do it too!

In my course CREDIT 101, you will learn everything you need to know to master credit like the wealthy. Rich people rarely risk their own money. They use other people’s money (loans from the banks) and leverage it to acquire their assets. I will teach you how to do exactly that. 

Let’s get you on the road to financial freedom quickly. The sooner you start, the sooner you can reap the rewards.