Here Is The Mindset You Need To Have To Make More Money

Did you know most businesses have mission statements? The mission statement is the company’s core values and it's what guides most of its decisions. In other words, when a company faces a decision, it takes the option that best matches its core values.

One of the best personal development books ever written, ‘’The 7 habits of highly effective people’’ by Stephen Covey, mentions that people should have mission statements too. 

What is your mission statement? What are your core values? Being a good daughter or a good son? Being a good friend? Striving to always make progress and learn more? All great choices!

If you are here reading is, I assume that making money and achieving financial freedom is part of what you want to achieve in life as well. You have to make some decisions to accomplish that mission.

Let’s focus on the subject of money here. If your goal is to live a life free of financial struggles, then you have to think about this objective every time you make a decision regarding money.

Simply ask yourself, "is the choice you are making is getting you closer to your objective or if it’s setting you back?". I’ve talked about this before and I will say it again, the small daily choices you make will compound over time and make a big difference.

Will you choose to read a book about finance? Will you take a class teaching you a skills on mastering money? Or will you choose entertainment instead?

I strongly suggest you write down the core values in your life and how these line up with your goals. Come up with a personal mission statement. It will serve you as a guide when making future decisions.

Maybe you’ll choose to invest $300 in an index fund instead of buying a fancy watch or a pair of sneakers.

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