Here Is How You Can Develop Your Financial Intelligence

You’ll often hear me talk about learning and knowledge. I believe that it is by far your greatest asset. It has always been true and it is truer than ever now. 

If you want to acquire wealth, you have to acquire knowledge. It’s not the money that makes you rich, it’s the process. 

I once heard angel investor Naval Ravikant say that he believed that if he was sent to a remote area and had to start all over again, 99 times out of a 100, he would get rich again. He has simply acquired so much learning and skills that he would know exactly what to do to become rich again. 

It is the mindset you need to adopt if you want to reach financial freedom and live an abundant life. Most people will choose security and comfort over learning. It was a common sight amongst the previous generations to have people work 30-40 years for the same company doing the very same tasks. Although this kind of behavior will bring you security, I have serious doubts that it will help you grow as an individual.

Fear will make you choose the steady paycheck over developing skills that will make you a lot more money later on. 

Value the process of learning to become rich. Value the process of acquiring the skills necessary. It takes a little bit of time but you will be greatly rewarded for it later on. 

You need to let go of instant gratification. By making small sacrifices today, you will achieve your financial goals sooner than later. 

Whether you choose to invest your money in real estate or the stock market or anywhere else, you need to have a plan. Once that plan is clear, enjoy the process because that is where you will learn and acquire the skills necessary. You’ll find that the process is just as enjoyable, if not more enjoyable than the finishing line. 

Start learning about money today so that, like Naval Ravikant, you acquire the skills necessary to become rich no matter what life throws at you. Your goal is to acquire so much knowledge about money that you can’t help but become financially free. 

Iy you want to start the process now, I invite you to sign up for my class Credit 101. You’ll learn the exact blueprint I used to acquire more than 1 million dollar of real estate within a year, at the age of 23. All of that with less than a 23,000$ down payment. 

Knowledge is what allowed me to be able to do that.