Have You Ever Looked Closely At Your Daily Habits?

Have you ever analysed closely what you spend your time and money on?

Would you rather spend your money on a six-pack of beer or on a gym dues? Would you rather spend your money on a new pair of jeans or on a book about personal development? Would you rather spend your money on concert tickets or on a seminar about investing?

Life is about choices. And if you are truly serious about gaining wealth and living a life free of financial stress, then you have to start making the right decisions today. 

Where you spend your time and your money is a very good predictor of where you will be in the future. Are you able to delay gratification and invest your time and money into learning instead of entertainment?

To attain financial freedom, you need to be fully committed. Most of all, you need to be committed to learning and growing as a person. 

Making money is a skill. It’s not rocket science but there are things you need to learn. You need to learn how to create a budget surplus by earning more money and cutting down on expenses. You then need to learn how to invest that extra money.

There are a lot of different areas where you can invest your money and the more you know about the different options, the better equipped you will be to make money in every market. 

Rich Dad Poor Dad’s Robert Kyosaki often says that it is not the money that makes you rich, it is the knowledge to make money that makes you rich. That is why so many athletes or lottery winners go bankrupt not too long after winning the jackpot or retiring from professional sports. They lack the knowledge necessary to make and keep money.

Start learning about money today and you’ll have no choice but to acquire financial freedom sooner or later. 

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