Do you have an emergency fund?

How important is putting money aside? I think there is no better proof than the period we’re going through right now.

For years, money experts have advised people to build an emergency fund in case something happens. When we think of emergencies, we tend to think of a car breaking down or the loss of a job or some unexpected payment having to be made.

Who could have predicted that the whole world would be put on pause for more than a year. It just goes to show us how important it is to save money to prepare you for anything. Nobody wants to be a prisoner of money. Money is not everything, I get it, but it is a big part of our lives. 

You’ll still have problems with money. But I’ll choose those problems over problems associated with not having money anytime. 

Most of the rules we live by are entirely made up by society. It is not a law of physics that America is America. It is America because society has agreed that it is America. 

A piece of paper that says 100$ on it is not worth more technically than a piece of paper that says 20$. It is the same paper after all. 

It’s only worth more because society has agreed that the piece of paper that says 100$ is worth more than the one that says 20$. 

Humans have put up rules to live by so societies would function better. Money is one of those rules. You need to play the game and you need to know how to play it. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t get that. 

The better you know the rules of Monopoly and the more you play, the better you’ll be at it. Same goes with money.

Learn early how to save, learn how to invest and learn how to make your money work for you. Cut down on your expenses and start putting money aside every time you get a paycheck so you can invest it. Be prepared for any contengencies. Trust me your level of stress will go down dramatically.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you see it, money is a big part of the game and you need to play it right. 

Money can’t buy you everything, but it can buy you freedom and control over your most precious asset, your time.